What we offer

Service delivery at The Cultural Connection is based on two models; African-Centred Principles and Pro-Social Modelling.

What are African-Centred Principles?

We use 4 key holistic principles in our programmes:

  • Shared Identity (amongst family and the community)
  • Being at one with one’s mind, body and spirit
  • Valuing interpersonal relationships
  • Interconnecting with all things

What is Pro-social modelling?

  • Stage 1: Taking a collaborative approach to goal setting, where goals are clear, specific and are agreed by both the facilitator and individual.
  • Stage 2: Agreement on the strategies or tasks required to meet the goals and implementation.

Programme 1

Local Conference Events:

The purpose of our local conference events is to facilitate intergenerational current affairs discussions. Open discussions aim to explore the root causes that may be contributing factors to disenfranchisement, lawlessness and the breakdown in communication between young people, the police, the older generation and the state, and the impact that this may have on the mental wellbeing of these individuals and the communities that they live within.

Programme 2

Mentorship Programmes and Wellbeing Programmes (Ages 11-18/18-25):

The mentoring programmes are an extension of the conference events and offer positive role modelling to support individuals to become confident with clear insight into what goals they would like to achieve and how they can begin to work towards doing so.

Young adults are provided with a safe space to share anything that may be having a detrimental impact on their mental health, build their emotional resilience, develop and sustain positive relationships that prevent exposure to exploitation and learn transferrable skills that will support with getting into employment and training in order to deter them away from engaging in criminal activity.

Programme 3

Employment Programmes (Ages 16 – 65)

Our employment programmes EDUCATE and provide PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE that can be applied to daily life and employment, assisting individuals to BUILD RESILIENCE, CHANCE ATTITUDES, DEVELOP AND SUSTAIN POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS and BECOME CONFIDENT with CLEAR INSIGHT into what GOALS they would like to ACHIEVE. These outcomes are achieved using interactive workshops/sessions that use EDUTAINMENT (educational entertainment) to empower individuals to identify their strengths and become autonTomous individuals who are ready to engage in further education, employment and/or training.