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Niquita Alexander-Pilgrim

Mental Health Practitioner/PhD Scholar

Gabriel Ayo

Community Engagement Specialist/Business Owner

What we do

The Cultural Connection works in partnership with other agencies who underpin our values and service delivery including:

  • Mental Health Trusts
  • Local Authority Adults & Children’s Services
  • Local Schools and Colleges
  • Local Police Teams
  • Community Engagement Services


Niquita Alexander-Pilgrim BSc (Hons), MA (Founder)

Mental Health Practitioner/PhD Scholar

Niquita Alexander-Pilgrim is a Mental Health Practitioner and PhD Scholar in the field of Mental Health and Black Studies. Niquita uses her eleven years of professional knowledge and experience to co-produce and deliver therapeutic interventions for communities who are racialized, marginalized, socially excluded, and have insufficient access to health and social care. As a reflection of her deep commitment to reducing inequalities in access to appropriate care, treatment, and information, Niquita is actively engaged in working with Communities, Mental Health Trusts and Health and Social Care providers, in addition to conducting research which seeks to challenge Eurocentric assumptions regarding the mental health experiences of African-Caribbean individuals.

Gabriel Ayo BA (Hons) (Co-Founder)

Business Owner/Mentor

Gabriel Ayo is an Entrepreneur who has used his street savviness and intellect to carve a way into the business world, resulting in him being successfully self-employed since 2007. Gabriel has co-owned a pupil referral unit in Croydon where he worked with B.A.M.E students between the age of 11-16, this involved mentoring and reintegrating young people back into mainstream school.

Gabriel uses his extensive knowledge of youth culture and the business world to engage with young people about the pitfalls of gang culture and empowers them to establish legal forms of income.